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CNC Lite
CNC Lite

CNC Lite for Lathe
CNC Lite for Lathe

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CamSoft is now offering a Lite version of our PC-Based CNC Machine Tool Controller Software.

CNC Litesoftware offers an ideal, low-cost CNC controller for the entry-level user with an excellent upgrade path. Ready for use on Mills, Lathes, Routers, Water Jets, Flame Cutters, Lasers & EDMs. Can be configured for 2 through 8 axes for any machine type. No physical PLCs, ladder logic, C or VB programming is necessary.  Plus, for applications requiring added features there is also CNC Plus.  This is a bonus pac optional add on for CNC Lite which adds extra functionality.

Developing an operator interface is easy with CNC Lite because CNC Lite contains a wide variety of graphical tools already developed for the user to drag and drop into place.

Standard Features


Unlimited program size
Configurable operator screen
Extremely fast block processing time
No physical PLC or Ladder Logic necessary
ActiveX and DLL source code
Mix and match virtual controls with physical hardware
Easy to install – no C or VB programming necessary
Convenient setup program that saves a single, emailable file containing your entire screen design and default system parameter values
Numerous ready-to-go bitmapped images
40,000 word speech vocabulary
Configurable G and M codes
Password protection
Definable buttons and icons
Graphical toggle switches, indicator lights, multi-function knobs and numeric displays
Photo-realistic tool library containing 120 tools
Interactive diagnostic watch windows for all digital I/O, analog, voltages, position error and axis positions
Standard automatic servo tuning software
Visual icon driven logic editor or text editor
Emergency stop button
Automatic machine maintenance reminders
Remote machine monitoring
Feed pot & speed pot
One-year maintenance/support
Standard canned cycles for drilling, pecking, boring and tapping
Detailed printed and on-line, multimedia-based documentation
Hand wheel or pulse wheel device access
Add math calculations and variables inside your G code program
Absolute, Incremental, Distance yet to go readouts
Point and click Mid-program start feature
Lock Axes, Inputs, M codes
Decelerated stops when you want them
Feed hold
Optional high-speed rigid tapping and lathe threading
Exact stop checking and smoothing
Set up a master and slave axis union
Network compatible
Inch and millimeter mode
Seamless marriage of our CAD/CAM system and motion
Calculate elapsed idle, spindle and job running times
Part counter
Teach or digitize
Tool Life management
Numerous ready-to-go bitmapped images


CNC Lite also uses a DSP-Based Motion Control Card as a Dual Processor.

PCI or ISA bus interface
Controls servo motors, stepper motors and hydraulics
62.5 microsecond per axis servo update rate
Feed rates up to 122,000 IPM, far faster than today’s servo technology
Sophisticated PID filter with velocity and acceleration feed forward for optimum speed and precision
Error handling includes axes limits, automatic position error shut-off, amplifier enable and watchdog timer
Optional sinusoidal commutation for FANUC type brushless motors
Labeled and silk screened optically isolated interconnect module and cables to connect the computer to the machine
22-40 solid state digital I/O depending on the number of axes
Extra digital I/O cards available in groups of 24, 32, 48, 120 and 144 I/O
Extra axes are available up to 8

CNC Plus
Bonus Pac options for CNC Lite includes:

G40, G41, G42 Tool comp
G94, G95 IPR and IPM for Lathes
G74 Lathe peck drilling
G96, G97 Constant surface feed for Lathes
M98 and M99 subroutine call and return
Threading and Tapping
Backlash axes compensation
Lead Screw axis mapping compensation
Advanced Mid-Program start

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