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NC Verify

NC Verify
NC Verify
Solid Machine Tool Simulation for Windows

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NC Verify is a graphical machine code verification program designed to be used specifically with most any G-code files.

The NC Verify program is a much more robust version than the simulator that is included with AS3000 level 5 and above. It too will visually re-create a solid graphics representation of a part blank then, using 3D graphics, simulate the cutter movements through the solid as if it were actually being machined.  But to go beyond those capabilities, the NC Verify program also adds support for most G-Code file format (aside from just FANUC), multiple setup and operations support, as well as support for multi-axis milling, turning, and 4-axis EDM.  Advanced graphics capabilities have been added to allow comparison with designed model and the finished part file, solid model support (STL files), dynamic graphics rotation and zoom, advanced visualization (moveable light source, translucency, flip, shadows), multiple graphics views, built-in support for tool holders and form tools, and adding fixture assemblies while cutting. NC Verify also includes abilities for accurately measuring the part by point-to-point, part thickness and volume as well as calculate machine time and tool information. NC Verify can even simulate a subset area on the stock, bypassing the need to run the entire simulation.

Other features include:  Support for unlimited G-Code file sizes, Graphics Slicing for inspection purposes, support for 16 and 24-bit colors (64K - 16million), monochrome mode support, and even the ability to screen capture images to be used in any number of other files for documentation, set-up information, or presentations. NC Verify can also be used in conjunction with Machine Simulator to visually recreate the entire machining process including machine tool and table movements.

NC Verify may also be purchased as a companion program to use with Advanced System 3000 Level-1 or as a stand-alone application for $3,995


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