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Art2CAM creates 3D surfaces from color and gray-scale bitmapped (.BMP) images. Art2CAM is designed specifically as an add-on feature to work directly with AS3000. Images can be scanned in from photos, logos, artwork or brought in directly from your favorite graphics or drawing package.

Color Bitmaps: The Art2CAM program seamlessly allows the user to bring in and preview color bitmapped images (up to 16 million colors), assign Z axis depths for each color, answer a few additional questions regarding tool, feed, speed and stepover to produce a complete 3D surface in minutes.

Gray-scale Bitmaps: Art2Cam previews the bitmapped image for the user and prompts for tool, feed, speed and stepover information. After asking the user to enter Z axis depths for absolute white and absolute black, the Art2Cam program will calculate the correct depth based on the gray-scale gradient to produce a 3D tool path in a matter of minutes with minimal user input.

Use AS3000 level 1 to complete the 3D tool path and post to your NC machine tool. Users of AS3000 level 5 are also able to completely rough away excess stock and fully simulate the tool as it cuts into a shaded and rendered block of material in up to 16 million colors.  In AS3000 level 20 and level 30 the user can additionally add automatic surfacing routines to further enhance tool path and tool compensation.

Art2CAM is an add-on option to Advanced System 3000 and requires Advanced System 3000 to operate.  $1,995


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