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Nesting Software for Windows

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DataNest is a Windows-based nesting software package that will automatically optimize the placement of like and dissimilar designs onto any raw material, including fabrics, sheet metals, wood, etc., in order to use the least material as possible to manufacture products.

DataNest takes multiple DXF files, that represent parts to be manufactured, and nests them together quickly onto any material sheet size. If more than one sheet is needed to complete the job, DataNest will automatically nest the parts onto additional sheets to complete the task requested then inform you of this once the optimized nesting pattern has been completed. DataNest will even allow square use of remnant sheets to help you minimize the waste of valuable materials. You may even specify grain directions in DataNest for parts and materials where grain is important. If desired, DataNest will automatically calculate using an offset or 'kerf' for each part to allow leeway between parts for proper machine tool cutter clearances.

Once completed, the DataNest program will collect the final information into a DXF file that can be imported into other packages, such as AS3000, where it can then be converted into machine tool code. DataNest will also generate a full report for each nesting session displaying the name of each DXF shape included in the final result as well as all insertion point locations.

DataNest is an add-on option to Advanced System 3000 and requires Advanced System 3000 to operate. $995


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