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  1. For both CNC and general factory automation. We offer the best prices for OEM's and dealers. We have four software packages.
    a.  CNC Professional. For the serious machinist that wants the best.
    b.  CNC Plus. Good Functionality and Good Value.
    c.  CNC Lite. If quality and low cost is what your looking for.
    d.  Graphical Operator Interface. For all general automation and non-CNC applications.
  2. Your choice of turn key or do it your self components. Packages for the OEM, Retrofitter, System Integrator or End user. Turn key, ready to mount professional CNC enclosures or separately sold software and hardware components. The obvious benefit is consistency from job to job, utilizing one software package for all machine types. You can become proficient at CamSoft and don't need to continually address learning curves .
  3. Easy installation. We have an open PC based system that is user configurable with out the need for Visual Basic, C++ or learning ladder logic, unless you want to use our API DLL's. Therefore our system is much easier to install yourself and configure the screens and logic by a regular person with only the knowledge of how to use MicroSoft Windows. No third party digital I/O ladder logic software needed.
  4. Picture to part , Graphics to motion. The only system available with our own integrated CAD/CAM. Which means the graphics on the CAD/CAM screen is shared with the CNC Controller. There is no need to write, save or load G code programs, unless you want to. The picture on the screen can come from many CAD file formats which may be turned into motion with out post processors or G code. Many company managers and owner like this idea better.
  5. Still be able to run your pre-existing old G code part programs. We accept over 700 formats of G&M codes from most other CNC controls, not just Fanuc. In a retrofit of on older machine tool you can configure the G and M code tables to allow existing old programs to run in the new PC based controller without re-writing or editing them. Then within 10 seconds switch to a more modern G code standard.
  6. Dual 32 bit CNC controller for mold makers and high speed machining. The fastest system available using Dual 32 bit processors. We close the servo loop with a dedicated 32bit processor in hardware, not in Windows.
  7. Integrated 2D,3D or 5 axis CAD/CAM. The only company with both a low cost Level-1 3D CAD/CAM system and a simultaneous 5 axis CAD/CAM system, not just positioning.
  8. How open is your control?
    Servo loop closed in software or hardware
    HMI, CNC, Digital I/O, Analog and Logic in one software package No third party SoftPLC language to run or buy
    No Visual Basic or C++ required
    Open enough for many first time users to do self installation
    Software bundled or unbundled from hardware
    API, DLL, ActiveX, Network or RS232
    Unlimited real-time data collection
    Remote operation and machine monitoring
    Self diagnostics tests for motors, analog, encoders and I/O
    Automatic servo tuning software
    Table of 199 user definable G & M codes each
    Create and customize G & M codes without using VB or C++
    Create and customize specialized hundreds of macro routines
    Dozens of logic examples for many types of hardware
    Provided Tool changers, Homing routines, Jogging devices, Turrets & Rotary tables
    Provided Gear changing, Probes, HandWheels, Canned cycles & Timed events
    Provided Blade/Knife functions & Material height sensing
    Hundreds of fixture, tool and part offsets
    Single operating system environment
    No need to run or buy third party kernels or operating systems
    Single or Dual CPU's. One for the HMI and one to close servo loop
    No proprietary hardware
    Use a motion card or use a software driver
    Multiple sources for hardware
    Industrial or office PC's supported
    User Installable and upgradeable
    User configurable operator interface
    User configured hardware
    Supports user independence
  9. We even have routines that allow the software to calibrate and map your axes instead of using a Laser Interferometer and also find the amount of backlash.
  10. NO external PLC devices or ladder logic is needed. CamSoft offers a much easier logic programming method using simple commands that are referenced by terminal strip number or descriptive names. This method is preferred by installers that need to diagnose, modify and test the logic before they begin physical wiring. This is the only method that allows remote I/O logic diagnostics via a modem. We have our own I/O logic, which is much easier than learning PLC ladder logic. It even provides for very complex multiple I/O threads where as ladder is sequential and only branches off. Hundreds of every type of commands including IF THEN, LOOPS, TIMERS and WAITUNTIL are provided in simple to read text files that compile when the system starts. We utilize several manufacturer's I/O boards to give a wide choice of inputs/outputs. CamSoft wrote its own assembler drivers to access these cards in the unprecedented 10khz range.

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